Officers, Committees and Staff

Western New England Psychoanalytic Society
255 Bradley Street
New Haven, CT 06510
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Society Executive Officers 2009-2011

Vice President:
Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Madigan, M.D.

Am.Psa.Assoc., Representative to Executive Council: Marshal Mandelkern, M.D.
Alternate: Boris Meandzija, M.D.


Outreach Development Committee
Chair: Janet Madigan, M.D.

Ethics Committee

Research Committee

Newsletter Committee
Chair: Nancy Olson, M.D.
Co-chair: Debra Nudel, Ph.D.

Membership Committee
Chair: Eric Millman, M.D.

Symposium Committee
Chair: Matthew Shaw, Ph.D.

Continuing Education Committee
Chair: Fred Koerner, Ph.D.
Co-chair: Deborah Fried, M.D.

Psychotherapy Training Committee
Chair: Robert S. White, M.D.
Co-chair: Victoria Morrow, M.D.

Scientific Program

Nominating Committee
Chair: Lawrence Levenson, M.D.

P.A.C. Committee
Chair: Eric Millman, M.D.

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