Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Trainees

For the first time, the Western New England Psychoanalytic Society is offering a year-long course on psychodynamic psychotherapy for trainees. In an agreement with the Yale Department of Psychiatry, the course will be a requirement for residents at the CMHC in their PGY-3 year. We will accept other trainees in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, up to a class size of 10. The class will meet on Tuesdays from 5-6 PM at the Institute building throughout the academic year. The recommended text is The Art of Psychotherapy by Anthony Storrs (Routledge, 1979). The course coordinator is Dr. Marshal Mandelkern, MD

Section One: Working Relationship and the Holding Environment

Instructor: Marshal Mandelkern, MD
Dates: July – October , 2006

Section Two: Objects Relations

Instructor: Rebecca Behrends, PhD
Dates: October – December, 2006

Section Three: Psychotherapy with Borderline Patients

Instructor: Robert White, MD
Dates: January -March, 2007

Section Four: Psychotherapy with Psychotic and Trauma Patients

Instructor: Oscar Hills, MD
Dates: March – June, 2007

The Competition
We have competitors (New York Times)

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