Psychoanalysis For Scholars’ Program

The Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis offers a two year training program for scholars and academics interested in psychoanalytic theory and its application to their work. The program has two components. The first is psychoanalytic theory. The faculty of The Western New England Institute offer a perspective on early and contemorary psychoanalytic theory infused by their immersion in psychoanalytic practice. Theoretical topics for discussion range from Freud’s work on dreams, his topographic and structural models to the modern revisions and extensions of psychoanalytic theory. Freud’s case studies and published transcripts of psychoanalytic treatments provide clinical data for examination.

The second component of the program addresses the use of psychoanalytic concepts in the participant’s scholarly work. This segment includes tutorials, study groups and workshops in which participants present and develop their work. The Western New England Institute faculty will offer perspectives on and raise questions about the scholars’ specific research projects. This program is not designed for clinicians.

For further information, please contact Dr. Kay Long at 203-498-9091 or .

The next 2 year class will begin in Fall, 2009

Please come to an information meeting to find out more about the

Thursday May 7, 5:30 –6:30
255 Bradley St.
New Haven, CT 06510

Downloadable Audio Files – 2008 Course: Contemporary American Psychoanalytic Theory

Class 1: Wednesday, 10/29/08 Download Class #1 [mp3]

Class 2: Wednesday, 11/5/08 Download Class #2 [mp3]

Class 3: Wednesday, 11/12/08 Download Class #3 [mp3]

Class 4: Wednesday, 11/19/08 Download Class #4 [mp3]

Class 5: Wednesday, 12/3/08 Download Class #5 [mp3]

Class 6: Wednesday, 12/10/08 Download Class #6 [mp3]

Class 7: Tuesday, 1/13/09 Download Class #7 [mp3]

Class 8: Wednesday, 1/21/09 Download Class #8 [mp3]

Class 9: Wednesday, 1/28/09 Download Class #9 [mp3]

Class 10: Wednesday, 2/4/09 Download Class #10 [mp3]

Class 11: Wednesday, 2/11/09 Download Class #11 [mp3]

Class 12: Wednesday, 2/18/09 Download Class #12 [mp3]

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